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RiverFinn Charming Dehydrated Cereal Marshmallow Bits, Vanilla, Great for Baking, Snack Mixes, Pancakes & More! (1 Lbs.)

Price: $9.95 ($9.95 / Count)

Color: Heritage Flakes
Model: 77021



  • We all know you’ve done it. Don’t lie. You’ve picked out the best part of the cereal, the delicious and charming vanilla marshmallows. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble. We won’t tell. In fact, we picked them out for you. Yeah, you’re welcome.
  • I don’t know how much luck they’ll bring you, but they sure are delicious. Beware! You may not be able to stop eating these once you start. Sprinkle RiverFinn dehydrated marshmallows everywhere, kind of like pixie dust. The vanilla flavor and small size make them fantastic in cereal (obviously), in beverages like cocoa and coffee, in baked goods like brownies, cookies, cakes and rice treats, and even in ice-cream, yogurt, granola and snack mixes. And of course, a little baggie to go is perfect.
  • RiverFinn Dehydrated Marshmallows are made by Kraft and professionally packaged by RiverFinn in custom heat sealed poly bags for freshness and tamper evidence. You may want to refrigerate after opening if you prefer a crunchy marshmallow.
  • We’ve got your back! Customer Service is our number one priority. If you aren’t thrilled, we will replace or refund your purchase, even if it means exceeding Amazon’s standard return policies.

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